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Home » Placement Papers » iGate Placement Papers » iGate Placement Paper 17th OCTOBER AT BANGALORE

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iGate Placement Paper 17th OCTOBER AT BANGALORE



There were 3 rounds.. Aptitude,GD,HR/Technical.
There were 15 qustions to b completed in 20 mins. No multiple choice, no - ve marking. some of the questions r as follows..
1. A monkey wants to climb 20ft tall tree. in 1 hr it climbs 3 ft and slips back 2 ft. In how many hours will it be able to climb th tree?(Ans.19).
2. A man took 5000 rs as loan for 10 years. for first 3 yrs he has to pay 3 %,next 2yrs 3.5%, for rest 4 % as SI. What amount is he supoosed to give back at the completion of 10 years?
3. there are two clocks? one becomes late by 2 mins every hour, the other becomes 1 min fast every hour. After exactly how many hours will they be 1 hour difeerent?(Ans.20 hours)
4. A cow grazes a square field of side 12m. it is tied to a corner with a string of length 7 m. How much area will it be able to graze? (Ans: (pi*R*R)/4::: R=7)
5. a club has 4 couples as members.Form a group of 3 members such that no two couple members be on that group?
6. 30 men working 9 hrs a day complete a job in 20 days. How much time per day shpuld 45 men work to complete the same job in 20 days?(ans 6)
7. 5 20 36 53 71. what are next two numbers in the series.. (Observe:- 5+ 15=.20,20+16=36,36+17=53.......)

New Click here to Download 2022 Latest placement papers of this company New



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