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Home » Placement Papers » iGate Placement Papers » iGate Placement Paper 2

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iGate Placement Paper


Model paper of Inetrgraph 

NO.of questions 40. Time 45minutes

out of 40 questions 20 from 'c' and 20 from analytical ability,quantitative ability .
also 1 question ___ to draw venn diagram

1 question__ on analogy

1 " _______non verbal reasoning

1.there are 6 (p,q,r,s...)people.each one play one game 
clues given like:shortest one plays hokey
largest person plays ..tennis
s is between t &r in height
question: who plays which game 
who is taaller than whom
2.a cube has colors blue,red ,yellow each on two opposite sides.cube is 
divided into "32 small cubes and 4 large cubes".
question:how many cubes (on 36 cubes) have blue at leat one side.
how many cubes have colors on two sides.
3.anlogy: cell: tissue::atom:?

4.aa person sold two articles for 80 /- each.with 20% profit on one 
article and 20% loss on another article, what is the loss / prifit he 
will gain on both.

5.five cities. city1 is west to city3.city4 is east to city 5._____etc.
which is farthest on west side.

6.one question on: -=+,*=-,/=* etc
then 10/5*45=?

7.on ,C, paper is easy.mostly on pointers,3 question on structures,5 on 
8.ex:define max 10

{int a,b;
int *p,*q;
} Q a)error in p=&(a+b) b)error in p=&max c)error in both d) no error 

Important suggestions:

1. average preparation is enough to qualify foe interview.time is 
2.they are particular about academic background .
3.interview is only on personal details.no question on technical subjects
4.they may change paper sets also.
5.in outside recruitment they are asking more questions on CAD. 
but not in campus.
in iitd they interviewed 5students out of 21 .selected 1,waiting list 1.
6.cut off cgpa:7.5

New Click here to Download 2022 Latest placement papers of this company New



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