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Home » Placement Papers » » Sonata Placement Paper 2

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Sonata Placement Paper 2


Sonata Software Aptitude Test1. Last month of an year (a) January (b) February (c) December (d) November2. Select the odd one
(a) January (b) February (c) Wednesday (d) November3. Select the antonym of capture from the following (a) attack (b) Release
(c) condemn (d) None of the above4. Find the antonym of autumn (a) Spring (b) Winter (c) Summer (d) None of the above5. One skirt requires
3.75 yards of cloth. How many skirts you can make from 45 yards? Ans: 12 skirts6. How can you make a square from two triangles?7. Is the meaning of Client and Customer, (a) same (b) contradictory
(c) no relation8. Is the meaning of It's and Its, (a) same (b) contradictory (c) no relation9. Is the meaning of Canvas and Canvass,
(a) same (b) contradictory (c) no relation10. Is the meaning of Ingenious and Ingenuous, (a) same (b) contradictory
(c) no relation11. Is the meaning of Credible and Credulous, (a) same (b) contradictory (c) no relation12. Select the odd one out.
(a) 1/4 (b) 1/3 (c) 1/6 (d) 1/18 13. Select the least from the following. (a) 0.99 (b) 1
(c) 81 (d) 0.333 14. Find the next number in the series. 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 Ans: 0.062515. One dollar is saved in one month. Then how much dollar is saved in
one day? Ans: 1/30 =0.0333$16. Y catches 5 times more fishes than X. If total number of fishes caught by X and Y is 48, then number of fishes caught by X? Ans: 8
17. Y catches 5 times more fishes than X. If total number of fishes caught by X and Y is 42, then number of fishes caught by X? Ans: 718. If a train covers 600m in 0.5 seconds, how long it will cover in 10
seconds? Ans: 3000m = 3km19. The girl's age is twice that of boy, if the boy is four years old. After four years the age of the girl is Ans: 12 years
20. Sister's age is twice than that of the brother. If the brother's age is six, what is the sister's age after two years? Ans: 14 Yrs.21. Two lemons cost 10 cents. Then one and a half dozen cost
Ans: 90 cents22. A clock is late by 1 minute 27 seconds in a month. Then how much will it be late in 1 day? Ans: 2.9 seconds23. Which of the following figures together will make a triangle?
Ans: a,b,c,d24. Make a square by drawing only one line Ans: line 2-5, square 2-3-4-5-225. Which of the following is the odd one? crew, constellation, companion, league, participants.
Ans: companion26. Opposite of Remote? (a) Far (b) Near (c) Huge (d) Village27. Statement A: All great men are ridiculous;
Statement B: I am ridiculous ; Inference : I am a great man; (a) True (b) False (c) Not clear28. Statement: Normal children are active;
Inference: All children are active; (a) True (b) False (c) Uncertain29. Next number in the series 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 ?
Ans: 1/1630. In 6 seconds a light flashes once. In one hour how many times it will flash? Ans: 601 times31. At 20% discount, a cycle is sold at a selling price of 2500 Rs.
What is the actual price? Ans: Rs. 312532. Statement A: A & B have same age; Statement B: B is younger than C; Inference : A is younger than C; (a) True (b) False
(c) Uncertain33. All chickens lay eggs (True/False) Ans: False34. A invests $12000, B invests $8000, C invests $6000 and they got a profit of $1200. How much share A got more than B and C?
Ans: 2/13 and 3/13

New Click here to Download 2018 Latest placement papers of this company New



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