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Home » Placement Papers » KPTI Placement Papers  »KPTI Placement Paper 1

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KPTI Placement Paper 1


KPIT Sample Test Paper

  1. A person traveled 4 sides of the triangle with speed of a 100, 200, 300,
    400 km/hr. what is the average speed of the whole journey. Ans 192 km/hr.

  2. ow many times 3 occur from 3 to 3333.

  3.  A=1, B=1. do 5 times and find the value of A.
    Add 1 to B.
    A * B.
    Assign this result to A.
    Ans 720

  4. 9 circles of diameter of 2 each are in the square. Find the height of a
    There were three rows each having 3 circles.

  5. 5 questions on data sufficiency.

  6.  one set of 5 analytical question. A, B, C, D, E are five cities. A group visits each of the cities by turn. C will not be visited second. One city will be visited after A but before D. B will be visited either before E or D.

  7. shyam travels at half the speed of ram in opposite directions towards the station. At first day ram was 5min. late for the station and met shyam at a distance of 1 km. early from the station. At second day ram was 10 min. late and met shyam at the station. Find total time for which ram was late. Rest of the questions I will send as I come to know.


New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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