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Home » Placement Papers » Kean India Placement Papers »Kean India Placement Paper - 12 September 2007 KIET,GHAZIABAD

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Kean India Placement Paper -12 September 2007 KIET,GHAZIABAD


Hi friends,
I am Myank jain from R.K.G.I.T., Ghaziabad.

I am very much keen to tell u my success journey toward Keane. It was 12 September 2007. Starting from day I was feeling a type of confidence in me. After being rejected by 11 companies namely �USTECH, PARROT,INFY,L&T,L&T(CORE),I-FLEX,PERSISTENT,NIIT,BRICK RED,ACCENTURE ,  I was in so much pressure, so much depressed ,sometimes I thought very  negative but I continuously worked harder and harder, Even I completely changed my life style who knew that I am on my way towards the success ladders of KEANE. Who knew it that this could be the destiny? But finally I got selection.

I always follow one quotation when I felt tensed:





One thing I want to suggest to all those who do get even a single selection despite so much hard work that never allow your morale to go down. Always have positive attitude.

Every body does not get success at the same time as like all the fingers are not same. So I would say work hard as much as possible. One never knows when success reaches to one�s door.


The selection procedure is:

1)    Written

2)    GD

3)    Technical

4)    HR



Here the pattern of papers is:

The written test consists of 3 sections:

1. Aptitude-15 questions (4marks)

2. Verbal-10 questions (1 mark)

3. Logical-10 questions (3 marks)

No negative marking

Aptitude section has some question that r very tough (could be trap), and some r so easy that just were looking u can get the answers. They are time and distance, time and work, chain rule, ratio proportion, average. Refer R.S.agarwal for this.

Like x man can do x work in x hrs, how many man can do y work in y hrs.

Average of three day tempt is 37 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), Average of three day tempt is 39 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), and Monday tempt is � of Thursday. Then what is Thursday�s tempt.

Verbal has 10 question of English regarding preposition, adjective, a fill in the blanks type. They were very easy.

Logical section had very lengthy questions like blood relations: x has two children of different sex, one child has got two children of again differ sex, but has same as that of his father, similarly another son has got children �.and finally have to detect the male and female member in the family.

One question on sitting arrangement, one series (very difficult), probability etc.

There was one essay that we had to write in nearly 10 min. and topic is �Describe any trip with ur family/friend.�

There were 482 students for written and 260 cleared it.

Then Gd is there our topic is �Should mobile be banned in colleges or not?�

They selected 180 out of gd .luckily from our group of 12, 10 selected.

In  tech round 89 cleared .

Tech interview:

I was from computer science so he asked Q like tell me something about u, why  u opt cs,  data types, constructors and types, oops concept, with ex, server side controls and client side controls, mssql  server  2005 ( as I have my project on it) stored procedures, simple prog to print  hello, database ,default database of msql server, and a lot more were asked.

And asked if I were to be sent to work in Chennai, then what will I do? If I were to send South Africa for 2 year then what will I do? If I were to switch   from application development to testing then how would I react? (They just want to check flexibility of person, confidence and presence of mind).

For cs guys must have basic knowledge of all subjects of b.tech, c c++& java.

HR interview:

It was also tech one- there were two persons who were taking my interview

He asked some general questions like how is the day, how r u feeling,

Then suddenly asked regarding my photo that is it of mine, actually at the time of photo graph I was a bit healthy.

Then asked about my family, my father brother etc. my rank in entrance test (checking my memory a well as my confidence), then asked a c prog of call by reference,

Then asked Q about some aptitude,

Asked about my favorite subject, I told OS, then asked about batch processing, basic diagram of I/O and cpu, algo and flow charts,

He asked me to write algo to go room from college and there are pubs and restaurants in between,

Asked to write a prog to swap two nos. without using 3rd variable (very easy one)

The point to consider is have full confidence in oneself,  be fully energetic, must be good in communication skill, eye contact is must.


They finally asked to wait in conference hall for final result. They finally selected 59.In the beginning they were announcing name of different colleges. So my heart beat is speeding, and was thinking if icould be from those unlucky 30, then they started announcing our college students name, my name was there.

I got selection in KEANE. Iam very happy, thanks god, thanks mummy papa, thanks to all my friends who boost up my confidence at very level starting from written till results were announced. Thanks fresher�s world and various people who update it for others.

Bye friends

Contact: [email protected]







New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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