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Home » Placement Papers » Kean India Placement Papers »Kean India Placement Paper -16 July 2007

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Kean India Placement Paper -16 July 2007




Hi Friends, Myself Jawed Iqbal doing MCA final year from Pondicherry University . Keane visited our campus on 16th & 17th of July 2007.

In Caritor (Keane now) there are four levels

1) Written test (in that you also have an small essay writing)
2) GD
3) Technical interview
4) HR interview

1) Written test
Written test consists of 3 sections
Mathematical (15 questions each 4 marks)
Logical (10 questions each 3 marks)
Verbal (10 questions each 1 mark)
Sectional cut off was  there( So attempt from all sections) but no �ve marking.

Apart from that 1 hr they will give time for essay writing (To us they told to write essay on first , 10 min was there for that, In that time they distributed the question papers)



This section was easy, but you should focus on accuracy because it has the maximum wattage.

For this section you better go through RS Agarwal (QA) especially chapters like time & work, time and distance, ratio proportion, ages, allegation & mixture, average, SI,CI, Train problems�

Question mainly came from following sections�

1) 3 cat can kill 3 rats in 3 minutes then how much time 50 cats will take to kill 100 rats?

 a) 1     b) 2      c) 3      d) 4

2) Three types of animals, cockroach, mice and crow are there in a room. There are totally 50 heads and 150 tails in the room. No of cockroach is twice than the no mice. What are the no mice in the room?

a) 5      b) 10    c) 15    d) none of these

Hint: no of leg of cockroach is 6, mice 4 and crow 2.

3) From a chess board three blocks are chosen at random. What is the probability that the three blocks are from same diagonal?

(Sorry I can�t remind options)

4) There are two bottles of alcohols, one is having 40% alcohol and other is having 19% alcohol. Some part from first bottle is replaced from 2nd bottle. Resultant mixture in first bottle is having 26% of alcohol. How much part from 1st bottle was replaced?

a) 1/5th            b) �th c) 1/3rd            d) none

5) A and B can do a piece of work in 15 and 20 days respectively. They worked together for 6 days then B is replaced by C.The work was finished in next 4 days . In how many days C alone can do the work.

(Sorry I can�t remember options.)

6) Some problem related to train in which two different trains are starting from two different stations but not at same time. At what time they will meet in between?

7) Average tempt between Monday �Wednesday is 37 and average tempt between Tuesday-Thursday is 34. Monday�s tempt 4/5th of Thursday�s tempt. What is the tempt on Thursday.

(Sorry I can�t remember options.)

8) Inside a square a circle is inscribed. What is the ratio of areas of circle to that of square?

9)  One problem was related to age (it was easy only)



This section was very easy, with average knowledge of English u can clear this section. Generally general use of articles, prepotions. Some general uses of English 



This section was really very tough. Questions were very lengthy; pattern was similar to TCS reasoning. U have to concentrate hard on this section.

Few questions were,

12 people blood-relation was given, they asked no of male in that�

One question of sitting arrangement on round table of three different couples, they asked some body�s husband.

One question related to van diagram,

Some question related to DI.



This is  a rejection round. How u communicate is very important. U have to open ur mouth at least 2-3 times and give some valid points. Don�t fight in GD at all. Our GD was very cool .from our group they have taken 8 members out of 12. but normally they took 5-6 only. Try to start the GD. They told every body to conclude one by one.

1)      impact of Indian cinema on youth

2)      should sports person come for advertisement

3)      nuclear family or joint family �


3)Tech. Interview 

Go through your resume, they are going to ask question from that what u mentioned in ur resume. Revise your projects well.

Question asked to me were,

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2.  I cleared WIPRO�S WASE program in UG, they asked many questions from that.
  3. They asked some basic question from OS,like what is os,types of os ,functions of os, Process, semaphores etc.
  4. Some question from DBMS and access(I did one project in that )
  5. Then they asked questions from my 2nd project which I did in Rational rose and UML. He gave one simple input and told to draw UML diagram.
  6. My interview last for 10-12 min.
  7. the person was very cool
  8. So be clear and confident in giving ur answers.

HR Interview

It is the last hurdle for the KEANE, My HR interview was very cool, He was the same person who has presented the PPT and also was in my GD panel. So when I entered to room he told � Nice to meet u 2nd time� In this round they used to asked some general questions only Question asked to me were,

1.      introduce urself

2.      I am from Jharkhand, so he asked how u came to Pondicherry , and many question related to it,

3.      What is your idea of higher education?

4.      What location u will prefer to work?

5.      What timing u will prefer?

6.      What type of module u would like to work? And many questions like this

7.      This round last around 15 minutes

8.      So friends be confident in giving your answers.

9.      Here they are going to check your confidence and communication only


Note: they used to check the essay also so write it clearly, avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes�..



Total appeared->640

Written cleared->228

GD cleared ->133

Tech. cleared->88

HR cleared� 74(Final selection)

I was one of them. This was my third company. So don�t loose hope, have faith in urself and GOD.

See you at KEANE!!!


All the best!!!

Jawed Iqbal


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