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Home » Placement Papers » Kean India Placement Papers »Kean India Placement Paper 18th NOVEMBER

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Kean India Placement Paper 18th NOVEMBER



Hi today i attend the walkin written for 0-2 years experience in Kean India .

The test consist three parts
1) quantitive aptitude test 30 questions.
2) English section 25 question.
3) computer's question general.20
the test duration is 1 hr and there is 1/3 negative marking also.
the question i rembered now are:
1. There are ten nos(0,1,...,9).with the help of these three number we have to make a number
n1n2n3 in such a way that n1
2.there are 25 blocks in a bag numbered 1 to 25. what is the probability to take out the 2 blocks
from the beg  in such  a way the sum of two blocks should be same.
3.The maurti price increase by 30% and the sales is decreased by 20%.now how much the company will
get or loss and how much %.
4.two friends are there(A,B)and walk for a distance (X to Y) by 5kmph and 8 kmph.the distance b/w X and Y
is 35km.both starts from Xat the same time .When B reachs at Y then come back.now calculate the distance travelled
by A whenhe/she will meet to B.
5.There are two cities SmallHydrabad and BidHydrabad.
             a.the male population is 3244 less as compared to female population of bigHadrabad
              b.he female population is 5436more as compared to male population of SmallHadrabad
               c.the female population of small hydrabad is as much twice of male of bighydrabad. 
                       now what is the toral pop.of 2 cities.
6. if  X=         a-b                     Y=a+b           
                     ____ ,                  ____    
                     ab-a2                   ab-a2
now what   would be the value of
7.A right angle cone having 12 cm as the height and 20cm as the perimeter of the base.
if there is charge for filling the mettal in that cone 4paise/cubic cm. now what would be
the total charge.
8.One uestion   was also same based upon tripllodism.
English   Session
1.5 ques were analogy
2.5 ques were synomoons.
3.2*5 ques of comparihansion
4.arrange the sentence  in meaningful order.
Computer Session:
1.where The register store
                    a)in primary m/m.          b) in secondry m/m        c) in cpu             d) in HDD               e) none of these.
2.AVSEQ files support only
                    a) audio file                    b)video                        c)both               d)MIDI
3.What is the decimal value of (d4b2)16
4.   how much data can be send from a 7-bit bus.
5.What is the maximunm no of bit can be sent via a 8 bit register.
No question was there  very techanical like n/w,c,c++,Java
 (this questions are based upon my m/m)

Praveen Jindal


New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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