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Home » Placement Papers » Sun Placement Papers » Sun Placement Paper 1

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SUN MICROSYSTEMS-Placement Paper-1 Dec 2005


60 questions 60 marks
Everything is multiple choice. BEWARE OF NEGATIVE MARKING .

Section 1 : Operating Systems 20 questions
Section 2 : Technical Programming 25 questions
Section 3 : Aptitude 15 Questions

Section 1 : Operating Systems

Study all the unix commands & some basic networking concepts like DHCP, Dynamic NAT, RARP, ARP, UDP, DNS. Unix : Grep, sed, basic perl program whose o/p is to be predicted. Pipes. You can expect some nasty & tricky questions !. But this section is kool not to worry too much.

Section 2 : Programming part

C programs & Java programs. The programs seems to be easy but bcoz of the Negative marking (0.5) we have to be very clear. No bluffing ok! The programs are easy. Programs were on Fork, PID, Basic C syntax, Basics of Java, Exception handling, Inheritance, Strings, Cast conversion, Object linking etc

Section 3 : Aptitude

Most of the questions can be found from other placement papers like Sonata, TCS, Caritor. Nothing to worry much. But again you have to be very confident about the answers.

The cut-off marks are not told & will be decided by the evaluators at that time. Only 3 out of some 50 candidates got through. The next rounds are technical interview followed by HR interview. This interview call was purely on referral basics. So not much competitors & really a good chance of getting thru !. Do well & good luck !


# main()
int _=10;

# If you have developed an microprocessor by name JUGGI, how would you account for the JVM ?

a) Write/ Develop a new JVM by going through the SUN standards
b) Implement the same JVM that's in windows , linux as JVM is platform independent.
c) Leave it to the SUN to write it for you
d) Need not write anything

# Which server would you use to configure or set up a new IP address in Linux
a) DNS b) DHCP c) TCP d) blah blah blah .....

# Three friends divided some bullets equally. After all of them
shot 4 bullets the total no.of remaining bullets is equal to that of
one has after division. Find the original number divided. [Infosys paper & IBM]

a) 20 b) 22 c) 18 d) 19

# A cube object 3" * 3" * 3" is painted with green in all the outer surfaces. If the cube is cut into cubes of 1"*1"*1", how many 1" cubes will have at least one surface painted. [Caritor]

a) 8 b) 26 c) 27 d) None of the above

# What is the protocol used for getting the physical address by supplying
IP address of a node ? [Wipro]
ARP [ii] RARP [iii] BOOTP [iv] DHCP

# How can a process be started automatically in UNIX ? [MBT]

# Flow chart problem [Satyam]
let the value of N be 10
divide N by 10 to give quotient (Q) remainder(R)
if diff=1 then 6
go to step 7
display the value of N
add 1 to N
if N <100 go to step 2
the above logic will produce
a) 11,12,13,,14.. b)12,23,34,..... c)21,32,4,354...... d) none

# What is the output of the Program? [Sasken]
#define SQ(x) x*x
int a=SQ(2+1);
a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) None of the Given Answers

# There N stations on a railroad. After adding X stations on the rail route 46 additional tickets have to be printed. Find N and X. [Sify]
a) x=2 and N=11 b) x=2 and N=12 c) x=2 and N=13 d) x=3 and N=11

# How is an Non-maskable interrupt handled
a) The current program is executed & then handles the NMI
b) Handles the NMI first & then continues with the execution
c) Handles the interrupt based on the priority
d) Ignores the interrupt & continues with the program.

# Problems like
If QWERT means 2513678397849 what does [some word] equal to ?

# Simple program on fork system call

# Simple problems on inheritance [Java]

# Simple string assignment problems

# If 8 butts of cigarette make 1 cigarette then how many will 64 butts make ?
Ans : 8

# ICMP is used where
a) ICMP supports packets containing error, control, and informational messages.
b) The Ping / Command execution.
c) a&b both

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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