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Home » Placement Papers » Sun Placement Papers » Sun Placement Paper 1

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Sun Placement Paper 1


1. For the following program.

struct XXX
{int a;
float b;
char *s;

If optimization :X not used in compiler then unused bits_________________.
Give your assumption_______________.

2. Give the output of the following program

struct XXX
{int a:6;
float b:4;
char s;

size of (structure);

3.Class used for the multiple inheritence in JAVA_________________

(a) anonymous class
(b) inner class
(c) abstreet class
(d) none

4. XDR fixes in which part of OS1 stack.

5. LDAP is____________service protocol.

6. Given definition for a function which returns a array of pointers with´┐Ż argument of int*.

7. Give a function declaration with no arguments which refers a two dimensional array

8. Pick up the correct function declaration.

1. void *[] name();
2. void int[][] name();
3. void ** name();
4. none of the above.

9. Give the difference between monolithic and microlithic kernal:

a. monolithic large
b. microlithic used in embedded systems.
c. none.

10. rPC coresponds to_______________in OSI stack.

11. Find the no.of page faults using LRU stack.

eg.3 4 4 6 7 8 1 2 .. ..

12.The inorder representation of a tree 41523 and preorder is 211513 Draw it?

13. When does a stack member will be initialised

(a) when object is created
(b) when object is initialised.
(c) doesnot depend on object.
(d) none.

14. Number of CPU in a multiprocess is contrassed by

(a) RISC nohere of CPU
(b) memory
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above

15. Give the output of the following program

{char *s;
s="hot java";
strcpy(s,"solarrs java")

16. Give the output of the following program

{printf("hot java");

(i). When redirected to a screen what will be printed.
(ii). When redirected to file what will be printed.

17. Give the output of the following program

{int ret;

18. Give the output of the following program

{char *p='a';
int *i=100/*p;

what will be the value of *i= 1

19. Which data structure gives efficient search

1 B-tree
2 binary tree
3 array
4 linked list

20. Find the error in the following program

struct point
{struct point *next;
int data;

{int i;


21. Mutex and _________are similar locking mechanisms.

22. A complex question on pointers and functions.

23. SNMP and SMIP transport layer protocols for TCP/IP&OSI.

24 UNIX: difference between select and poll

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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