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    Home » GRE Home » GRE Synonyms List

    GRE Synonym List


    If you are interested in taking an antonyms test, please visit here.

    1. Abhorrent, abominable, detestable, execrable, loathsome, obnoxious, repellent, repugnant, odious, heinous, disgusting
    2. Abandon, renounce, maroon, leave in the lurch, forfeit, disown, waive, ditch, abdicate, jilt, forsake, abjure, disown, repudiate
    3. Abnormal, aberrant, anomalous, bizarre, eccentric, freak, idiosyncratic, queer, wayward
    4. Scurrilous, calumnious, libelous, opprobrious
    5. Libel, calumny, defamation, denigration, misrepresentation, obloquy, slander, aspersion, vilification, malign, traduce, smear, besmirch, tarnish, imputation, vituperation, defile
    6. Abundant, bountiful, copious, luxuriant, rampant
    7. Abuse, assault, execration, invective, vituperation, affront, berate, castigate, inveigh, odium
    8. Acclaim, applaud, extol, commend, kudos, laud, eulogize, ovation, esteem, plaudits, acquiescence, endorsement, mandate, ratification
    9. Accusations, impeachment, allegation, summons, indictment
    10. Acquit, absolve, exonerate, vindicate
    11. Bounty, largesse, munificence, philanthropy
    12. Commendable, absolve, exemplary, laudable, meritorious, honorable
    13. Contemptible, despicable, detestable, disgraceful, loathsome, odious, ignominious, dishonorable, discreditable
    14. Condemnable, reprehensible, deplorable
    15. Censure, condemnation, culpability, reprimand, recrimination, reproach, denounce
    16. Aggressive, antagonistic, bellicose, belligerent, pugnacious, warlike, fractious, quarrelsome, contentious, litigious, militant
    17. Irascible, petulant, peevish, dyspeptic, cantankerous, irritable, bilious
    18. Agreement, accord, conformity, consensus, harmony, unanimity, compact, treaty, covenant, truce, pact
    19. Approbate, comply, accent, concur, approve, acquiesce, concede, accord
    20. Alleviate, abate, allay, ameliorate, assuage, mitigate, slake, subdue, temper, relieve, mollify, appease, conciliate, placate, gruntle
    21. Alliance, affiliation, coalition, concordat, compact, confederation, consortium
    22. Allure, attract, beguile, decoy, entice, lure, magnetize
    23. Mitigate, palliate, extenuate
    24. Coax, wheedle, inveigle, cajole
    25. Amiable, affable, amicable, genial
    26. Amorous, carnal, enamored, erotic, lustful, lecherous, licentious, salacious, lascivious, libidinous, lewd, prurient, lubricious, bawdy, erotic
    27. Ancient, antediluvian, antiquated, archaic, outmoded, pass�, primordial
    28. Animosity, acerbity, acrimony, animus, antagonism, antipathy, asperity, malevolence, rancor, vindictiveness, enmity, malice
    29. Anonymous, incognito, pseudonymn
    30. Phlegmatic, sluggish, languid, indolent, listless, lackadaisical
    31. Apathy, lassitude, lethargy, debility, languor
    32. Apex, acme, apogee, zenith, crest, culmination, summit, pinnacle
    33. Apologetic, contrite, penitent, remorseful, rueful
    34. Apprentice, novice, tyro, greenhorn
    35. Appropriate, apposite, apropos, apt, befitting, felicitous, opportune, pertinent, seasonable, seemly
    36. Arbitrary, autocratic, despotic, imperious, tyrannical, totalitarian
    37. Arbitrary, capricious, whimsical, erratic, eccentric, mercurial, quirky
    38. Ardent, zealous, fervent, impassioned, passionate
    39. Arduous, grueling, laborious, herculean, onerous
    40. Altercation, bickering, clash, dispute, feud, squabble, wrangle, quibble, carp, cavil
    41. Arrogant, cavalier, haughty, impudent, supercilious, swaggering, presumptuous, snobbish, condescending, insolent
    42. Articulate, eloquent, glib, lucid
    43. Asperity, abrasiveness, acerbity, acidity, acrimony, churlishness, irascibility, rancor
    44. Atrocious, heinous
    45. Augury, premonition, forewarning, portent, foreboding, bode, foreshadow, presentiment
    46. Ascetic, austere, Spartan, self-denying
    47. Frugal, parsimonious, stingy,
    48. Banal, clich�d, commonplace, hackneyed, humdrum, platitudinous, stereotyped, trivial, trite
    49. Banish, exile, expel, rusticate, outlaw, oust, expatriate, deport
    50. Banter, badinage, chaffing, repartee
    51. Barbarian, boor
    52. Barrage, fusillade, onslaught, bombardment, assault
    53. Barrier, embankment, rampart, bulwark, blockade, fortification, palisade
    54. Beget, procreate, father
    55. Bell, carillon, knell
    56. Bemuse, befuddle, bewilder, stupefy, confound, daze, flummox, muddle, mystify
    57. Benevolent, altruistic, beneficent, benign, compassionate, philanthropic
    58. Berserk, frenzied, frenetic, demented, deranged, maniacal
    59. Bizarre, eccentric, freakish, grotesque, outlandish, weird, idiosyncratic
    60. Beseech, implore, importune, entreat, supplicate
    61. Besiege, beleaguer, pester, badger
    62. Bewitch, captivate, enrapture, enchant, enthrall, entrance, mesmerize, ensnare, endear, engaging
    63. Biased, bigoted, chauvinistic, jaundiced, partisan, tendentious, patriotic, jingoistic, sectarian
    64. Genealogy, lineage, pedigree, race
    65. Blasphemous, impious, irreverent, profane, sacrilegious
    66. Blatant, barefaced, flagrant, conspicuous, shameless
    67. Blaze, conflagration, holocaust, carnage, massacre
    68. Boastful, vainglorious, bragging, conceited
    69. Boisterous, obstreperous, rowdy, uproarious
    70. Burlesque, caricature, travesty, lampoon, parody, sham, pastiche
    71. Circuitous, devious, labyrinthine, meandering, oblique, rambling, tortuous, serpentine
    72. Dainty, squeamish, fastidious, meticulous
    73. Dappled, pied, motley, speckled, variegated
    74. Dawdle, dally, loiter
    75. Dexterous, agile, nimble, deft, adroit, lithe, limber
    76. Devilish, demoniac, diabolic, fiendish, infernal
    77. Dingy, murky, drab, seedy, dowdy
    78. Discordant, cacophonous, clashing, dissonant, incongruous
    79. Dormant, comatose, quiescent, latent, torpid
    80. Ephemeral, fugitive, evanescent, fleeting
    81. Etiquette, civility, protocol, decorum
    82. Exuberant, ebullient, effervescent, vivacious, exultant
    83. Fashionable, modish, vogue, contemporary, trendy
    84. Flirt, coquette, philanderer
    85. Gaunt, emaciated, cadaverous, lanky, haggard
    86. Grandiloquent, bombastic, melodramatic, pompous, rhetorical
    87. Heresy, unorthodox, heterodox, iconoclast, pagan
    88. Hoodwink, cozen, deceive, dupe, hoax
    89. Impromptu, extemporized, offhand
    90. Impregnable, impenetrable, invincible, unconquerable
    91. Insidious, deceptive, treacherous, surreptitious, furtive
    92. Lament, dirge, elegy, requiem
    93. Melancholy, lugubrious, disconsolate, despondent, somber, dejected, plaintive, lamenting, doleful
    94. Paraphernalia, appurtenance, accessories
    95. Perfunctory, cursory
    96. Pestilence, blight, pandemic, plague, contagion, epidemic
    97. Pillage, depredation, marauding, plunder, despoil, ransack, ravage, devastate
    98. Prevaricate, tergiversate, equivocate, evasive, elusive
    99. Profuse, exuberant, prolific, lavish, abundant
    100. Profound, erudite, esoteric, recondite
    101. Suspicious, apprehensive, skeptical, dubious, incredulous, wary
    102. Sycophantic, flattering, servile
    103. Therapeutic, curative, salubrious
    104. Tumult, pandemonium, turmoil, chaos, commotion, turbulence, uproar
    105. Virtuoso, maestro, prodigy
    106. Voracious, ravenous, rapacious, insatiable, avid

    Synonym - Synonym Dictionary - Synonym Antonym - Synonym Finder - Online English Dictionary - Synonym List



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