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    Send your R�sum�s to 6000 Companies in Just Rs. 350 !

    Salient Features
    • 75,000 IT Jobs
    • Over 6,000 Recruiters List of Recruiters
    • New Job Alerts in Mail New!
    • Can Update your Resume UNLIMITED number of times ! New!
    • Constantly Updated Database
    • Resume Emails are not Sent as CC or BCC. Each Mail is sent separately.

    List of Recruiters

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What exactly you offer?

    It is better to send your R�sum� in bulk to different companies than to send it once or twice here and there. We will post your R�sum� and Covering Letter to over 6000 Companies and Placement Agencies. Most of these companies have requirements for both Freshers and Experienced. Most of the Companies are in IT / Telecom / Electronics / Embedded Technologies / Service Sector. There are all levels of companies. Some of the companies are :

    Top Level : Infosys, Wipro, IBM, TCS, Oracle, Satyam, Polaris, etc.

    Others: Jasubhai, Panasonic, Concept Inc, SoftIn, AvesTacs, SoundTek, SingNet, Syntel Inc, Universal, NetCom, Apli Tech Solutions, Tata Infotech, Convergence, Atlantics, MindSpring, i Sys Solutions, Axcess, Adobe, Sonata Software, Philips, Celox Networks, NIIT, Meridian Softwares, etc.

    Click here for complete list of Companies and Placement Agencies.

    Q. Do these companies accept R�sum�s in bulk ?

    These companies never know that your resume is sent in bulk. They are not aware that you have sent your R�sum� to 5999 other companies as well. So, it will look like a personal email to them.

    Q. Do these companies have any vacancies ?

    It is very hard to say whether all these companies have vacancies. But the theory of Probability says that there is very high probability that if not all, at least a few hundred companies out of these 6000 will have the vacancy closely matching your qualifications. And the rest of the companies will first consider the resumes in their mailbox before they go elsewhere for placement.

    Q. How do I know that my R�sum� is sent to these companies ?

    You will be shown the email addresses of each company to which your R�sum� is being sent.

    Q. What is the cost for sending my R�sum� to these 6000 companies ?

    The cost of sending your R�sum� to these 6000 companies is Only Rs. 350/-. No, we have not forgotten any zero after 350, it is precisely Rs. Three Hundred Fifty Only!

    Rs. 350 is nothing compared to the benefits that you will get from this service. We spend this much amount with no consideration on purchasing a belt or T-Shirt or similar accessories. But we assure you that these 350 rupees will be the best investment of your life.

    Q. There must be some trap somewhere. How can you offer all this for Rs. 350 Only ?

    Rupees Three Hundred Fifty may appear very little for such a work. Isn't it ? After all, even Naukri.com takes Rs. 999/- just for Resume Analysis. But we have still decided to keep the price low because of the following reasons:

    • We do not have to provide any input, like any raw material for this purpose. We have a database of email addresses, which we use. We just have to keep our database up-to-date.
    • An average Indian can not spend lavishly for searching the Job.
    • We Indians are very skeptical about purchasing things Online. We want to make them feel that the best things can be available Online for such a low price...!

    Q. This means that in Re. 1, my R�sum� will be sent to over 30 companies ?

    Exactly !

    Q. But again there is a trap ! A lot of other people might be using your service. They will also be posting their R�sum�s to all these 6000 companies. They will be my competitors there. They will diminish my chances of selection !

    Quite obvious feeling ! But we want to assure you that there is no need of fear from our other clients. And there is strong justification for this.

    All our clients have different level of experience and qualifications. No two r�sum�s are alike. Let us consider that one candidate is BE in Electronics & Telecommunications and the other is BE in Computer Engineering and third one is again BE in Computer Engineering with 2 years' experience. All these people will have totally different R�sum�s and their target companies will also differ. The Intersection of the target companies of all these candidates will be a few companies, may be zero. This means that these candidates will not be each other's competitor.

    Even if there are candidates from the same field and with same experience and qualification, just think that one can go in only one of these 6000 companies. And the rest 5999 companies will be open for you. Moreover, companies generally have multiple vacancies.

    Even if you are not satisfied, just consider all those email addresses where you have submitted your resume. Do you think that you were the only applicant there ? !!

    Q. Will I get return for my money ?

    There is not a single reason to think that you won't get. Just consider that for sending a single R�sum�, you have to go to cyber cafe or you have to do it from your telephone line at home. Sending each R�sum� costs you Rs. 1 or 2. But you forget all this in the hope of getting a Job. Using the same calculation, you will need to spend Rs. 5000 to 10000 just for sending emails to these 6000 companies. All this scenario assumes that you already know the email address where you have to send the mail ! But generally even this is not so. You either have to go to company's website for getting the email or you have to purchase a Newspaper for looking at the vacancy. Just compare all this hassle with the simplicity of just sending us Rs. 350 and getting your job done easily! You simply have to see the results !!

    Q. I am looking for job in Delhi/NCR only so I want to forward my CV in the software companies of Delhi/NCR region (Or some other city) only. Is it possible for me?

    Well, albeit it may seem little counter-intutive, but we would suggest otherwise.
    As per the experience we have obtained from the industry, its better that you apply to all companies and later, when once you get final calls, decide where to go or what to opt for as:-

    1. Normally companies have centers in many cities. So, if you are getting a call from Infosys, you might be placed in any city. You can request them for opting to a specific city which may/may not be fullfilled.
    2. As the cost of sending the resume is same for both all cities and for a particular region, its better to send to all companies, and decide after you get the calls.
    3. Normally what happens HR persons & consultants have internal co-ordination. So, a counsultant based in bangalore can help you get a job in New Delhi/NCR.
    4. It might happen, you get a call from IBM in say Mumbai & some of your relative is also living there. So, its a golden luck. Even then, you will have the option to decide.
    5. At last, Never try to minimise your options/chances/oppertunites before you get them.

    Q. Ok, another doubt. I am fresher and looking for a job only in "VLSI design & verificiation"? Will it be possible?

    Again the same pattern. Whether its Location or Job Profile, at least for freshers, we recommend NOT to put any such pre conditions, before getting calls. Once you get calls, which are converted to calls, then decide.
    The main reasons for the same are:-

    1. It normally will be the companies who will decide where you can fit better, althogh normally with your consent.
    2. Just by mentioning this Statement, you simply reduce your chances of getting a nice job by at least (1/20)th times.
    3. As the cost of sending the resume is same for both all categories and for a particular category, its better to send to all companies, and decide after you get the calls.
    4. There are chances that if given an option of working in some other very happening field in a very good company, you actually would like to grab them.
    5. Even then if you really do want to go for a particular field of interest, GO FOR IT. It will keep you satisfied. The way is to write an passing statement in your covering letter the same thing like "although I can work in different technologies and platforms, but due to my high command in .Net, I can do great if given an oppertunity in .Net."
    6. But If you are experienced, do mention your field of exp. in an elaborate fashion both in covering letter as well as resume. Even then, send your resume to all companies as for example, although, most of companies in India are simply NOT a database company, but if you are an Oracle or SQL Server DBA, you might get a very good offer from most of top notch companies.
    7. At last, Never try to minimise your options/chances/oppertunites before you get them.

    Q. Great, I would like to avail your facilities, but my resume does not look professional at all. I have actually submitted my resume to so many places, but simply "No Response"?

    Then welcome to the family. Almost more than 60% resumes are rejected, actually because of bad presentation or not mentioning all required details, which includes the order of all the sub-topics. Pls understand most of HR team is overloaded and they actually spent less than 30 sec (yes...!, that too includes some time in opening your resume) on each resume. So, it has to be such that they can get the info they need in well formated fashion.
    For this we have set a complete net based Resume Submitter Service itself, which will ask for the details from you and then dynamically create a Professional, Very specialised Resume for you which you can also use for sending to other places too.
    Also, real-life Samples for each section has been given there only, so that you can get an idea of what to mention & what not to mention in each column.

    Q. That looks very nice, but what is this "Covering Letter" you are mentioning so many times? Are they needed and if yes how to write them?

    As told earlier, if an HR person has just 30 Sec to spend on you, its better to give him a Summarized detail of yours skills, interest & exp. if any, along with the resume. So, before opening your resume itself, HR people become mentally prepared what to expect & will be more interested in you.
    We have provided samples for the same for your benifit.

    Q. That was for peoples, who are in URGENT need of jobs, what about the people like me, who are just in their Final year, in last or second last semester. When should I go for this service?

    Well, for a short answer, its just an acronym, ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Remember time is a very rare & precious comodity. Use it fast.
    The main reasons for the same are:-

    1. Normally companies may take some 2-3 months, even more sometime, to select you & interviews, final selection etc. will take time. So, its great to start early & get selected before you leave the college.
    2. Searching for job after coming out of college is a REAL BIG mental, economical, physical & social concern. Better try not to taste those experiences. We have enough interactions with students frustrated, out of college, with everyone thinking they are not so good, even though most of them are simply marvelous.
    3. You get a chance to chose from. Say, you get selected in your college campus for say Patni Computers and as you had applied to all companies using our Resume Submitter, you got an off-campus call for IBM and get selected there, DO THANK US..!!
    4. This choice is also, in terms of Location, technology, platforms etc. and not just in terms of Companies only.
    5. Even if could not make it after all this, yet, you will get enough experiences of interviews, questions, patterns etc. which will help you afterwards.
    6. As you have enough time, so you can decide patiently instead of going to whichever company you get.

    Q. Sir, I am in my Final year and am interested in doing my "FINAL YEAR/SEMESTER PROJECT" in some good companies & not in a job as such for now. Anything for me?

    For both the jobs & projects, the underlying procedures are almost the same. Although its very difficult to get a Good Project in Top Notch companies like Infosys, IBM, SAP etc. as they provide these fascilities mostly to IIT/IIM, IISc etc. students but projects can be obtained from other companies.
    So, this facility can surely be utlised by you too. Only thing is, in Covering letter, pls mention that you are interested in Final Year Projects only/also and also, stress more on the earlier projects or certifications you have.

    Q. Is this service available for experienced persons like me also or is it just for freshers?

    Although, we started this facility mostly to help Freshers (which is the reason why we have kept the charges to very minimum....!) but its completely suited for experienced professionals too who are interested in switching for better prospects.
    In fact, currently more than 20% of our clients are experienced professionals from all level of compnies. In this case, pls mentoion all the projects/certifications relevant to the field you want to go for and always mention your actual years of exp. You can include the training periods in exp.

    Q. One Thing, what If I get some more achivements in between and want to send my updated resumes to the companies? Is it possible?

    Of Course, It is very much possible. we will provide you with an net based account, where you can modify your resume & covering letter unlimited times & they will be created dynamically each time and stored in our database.
    But we aware that thse updated resumes will be sent only to the companies left. For Example, if you update your resume after sending them to 2000 companies, the new one will be sent only to the rest 4000 companies.

    Q. Ok, now for one final time, tell me what exactly are the facilities, I will be getting in this package?

    Vyom Resume Submitter includes but is not limited to the following services:-

    • Ability to send your resume to 6000+ IT & Computers companies.
    • Ability to dynamically create as many as you want professional resumes using a net based account.
    • Ability to view that to how many companies the resume has been sent till any point of time.
    • Collection of Placement papers for different copmpanies.
    • Collection of both Technical & HR-Based questions, classified in different categories along with answers.
    • Tips for writing good resumes, covering letters, Interviews etc.
    • Samples of real life professional resumes & covering letters.
    • FREE Membership to an email based Periodic Newsletter with new jobs announcements, directly in your mailbox.
    • A lot more set of resources & FREE services on an ongoing fashion.....

    Q. Cool, So, it seems that It will actually resolve all my issues & tensions and I don't need to apply anywhere after this?

    Pls be practical. No one can take all your tensions. Our suggestion would be its better to apply 120% effort and then get a job which require just 100% effort than to apply only 90% effort and miss by just a small margin.So, along with Resume submitter, even when you have applied to these companies, do keep an eye on various upcoming jobs & keep applying in them. That will increase the probability of your getting a good job.
    Moreover, sometime companies want a specific combination of Location-Experience-Category or Codes as subject line. So, its better to send more than once. No, it does not create any negative considering the lakhs of volume of resumes being received by all.

    Q. Ok, I understood. But can you at least guarentee me a job. You see I am totally frustrated with searching so much?

    No, we can't. In fact no one can...! It is simply because we don't have any control over the HR people/companies who can select you. Also, it depends upon your skills, their needs, matching of the two & how early they got your resume along with a lot other factors. But we do increase your chances to get the jobs by increasing these factors. Any company needing any professional, will first see in its own database for searching the candidates and your resume will be there awaiting their response... Also, all the FREE value-added services provided by us should help you a lot.

    Q. OK. I am convinced now ! But where to send the money ? And How ?

    You can send us Rs. 350 by Money Order or Demand Draft.

    • Sending by Money Order:

    Send the MO of Rs. 350 to

    VyomTechnosoft Pvt. Ltd.
    No. 235, 'O'/2,
    Bommasandra Industrial Area Phase 3,
    Hosur Road,
    Bangalore - 560 099,

    When you are sending money by MO, in a separate envelope, send us your resume in printed form. This is used for cross-checking of your r�sum�'s soft copy and for documentation purposes. It is also reproduced whenever we have any requirements or enquiries from the recruiters. Take a printout of this form and send it duly filled, alongwith your resume. So, you will be sending us two things - MO and an envelope containing your resume and the form.

    • Sending by Demand Draft:

    Prepare the DD of Rs. 350 in favor of "Vyom Technosoft Pvt. Ltd.", Payable at "Bangalore" and send it by Registered post to

    VyomTechnosoft Pvt. Ltd.
    No. 235, 'O'/2,
    Bommasandra Industrial Area Phase 3,
    Hosur Road,
    Bangalore - 560 099,

    When you are sending money by DD, in the same envelope in which you are enclosing the DD, send us your resume in printed form. This is used for cross-checking of your r�sum�'s soft copy and for documentation purposes. It is also reproduced whenever we have any requirements or enquiries from the recruiters. Take a printout of this form and send it duly filled, alongwith your resume. So, you will be sending us just one envelope, containing DD + Resume + Form.

    Do not forget to email us soft copy of your R�sum� and Covering Letter at [email protected]. Use "Resume Submitter" as Subject of the email.

    Please note that if you are sending your money via Money Order, your account will be immediately processed. The processing may take 2 to 4 days in case you are sending money via DD.

    • Online Payment Via ICICI:

    You can transfer amount to the following ICICI account and upon transferring, just send us an email informing us that you have transferred Rs. XX for XXXX product.

    Account Number: 000201517671
    Account Holder's Name: Rakesh Kumar Barnwal
    Branch: Bangalore
    Click here to go for ICICI Online Banking.

    Q. Thank You Vyom, for being a great friend, when I needed it the most. Just now I got a job as i have Submitted the resume to 6000+ companies through you. Frankly telling, I simply would not have known the exact new mail id of this company & so would not have forwarded my resume there at all?

    We would love to share your success. Its your success which makes us feel that the work we do is worth doing it. Send us your Vyom Resume Submitter Account details, along with your latest resume & a copy of your call letter and Get our products worth Rs. 100 completely FREE.
    Mail us at [email protected] with the subject line as "Success in Vyom Resume Submitter".

    Q. I still have a question !

    Just rush it to [email protected]. We will reply at the earliest.



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