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    Home » GRE Home » Top 100 Top 100 words for GRE And TOEFL

    Top 100 words for GRE And TOEFL


    abyss  hole so deep as to appear bottomless
    acquiesce agree, accept without protest
    affable  polite and friendly, easy to talk to
    affliction  distress, suffering
    affluent  wealthy, abundant
    agitate  move, shake, stir up
    ambiguous having more then one meaning
    annex  take possession of
    aqueous  of or like water
    arduous  demanding great effort, strenuous
    aroma  quality or surrounding atmosphere considered typical
    atone  make repayment
    avarice  greed
    bellicose  inclined to fighting
    calisthenics exercises to develop strong bodies
    captor  person who takes smb captive
    concoct  invent, prepare by mixing together
    dangle  hand or swing loosely
    deprive  take away from, prevent from using
    diligent  hard-working
    disrobe  undress
    docile  easily trained or controlled
    doleful  dismal, mourful
    drought  a long period of dry weather
    dubious  feeling doubt
    dumbfound astonish
    efface  rub or wipe out, obliterate
    elucidate  to make understandable
    enchant  charm, delight
    endeavor to make an effort, to try very hard
    endorse  approve, support a claim or statement
    enthral  take the whole attention, enslave
    exploit  to use for selfish advantage or profit
    extensive far-reaching
    extol  to praise highly
    flimsy  lacking solidarity, strength
    fraud  a fault, a deception
    gaudy  too bright and showy
    ghastly  death-like, pale and ill
    grumble  to complain
    harass  worry, trouble
    heretic  very busy; active
    impediment smth that hinders (esp in speech)
    indigenous native
    insatiate  never satisfied
    intrepid  fearless
    irate  angry
    jeopardy  danger
    leash  control
    loafer  an idle, lazy person
    lucrative  profitable
    lustrous  bright; shining
    malign  to slander
    meddle  to interfere, to intrude
    mend  to repair
    mirth  being merry and happy
    nausea  feeling of sickness
    neglect  pay no attention to
    nocturnal  of or in the night
    obese  very fat
    obsolete  no longer useful, outdated
    perch  take up a high position
    pervade  spread through every part of
    petulant  unreasonably impatient or irritable
    pillage  plunder (esp in war)
    presumptuous too bold or self-confident
    quashed  annuled
    quenching satisfy, put an end to, put out
    refurbished make clean, as if like new
    rejoicing  happiness, joy
    reticent  in the habit of saying little
    reverberate be sent back, again and again
    rigor  sternness, strictness, severe conditions
    rotundity  state of being round
    salvage  the saving of property from loss
    scattered not situated together
    shatter  to break into many pieces
    shunned  avoided, kept away from
    sketchy  shortly, roughly, quickly
    sporadic  happening from time to time
    stifled  suppressed, kept back
    strive  to make great efforts, to struggle
    subsequent following
    succumb  yield, die
    taciturn  unspoken, silent
    tantalize  raise hopes that cannot be realized
    tentative  uncertain, probable
    torpid  dull and slow
    treacherous not to be trusted, perfidious
    tremor  thrill
    tyro  a beginner
    uproar  noise and excitement
    vanity  a foolish pride
    vehemence forcefulness; intensity; conviction
    vigilance  watchfulness
    vindicate  prove the truth
    voluptuous arousing sensual pleasures
    wan  looking ill, not bright
    wile  a trick
    wrinkle  make small lines (eg forehead)



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